Autoresonance phenomenon in a long mirror

The paper describes an implementation of a long mirror-based variant of cyclotron autoresonance which permits a local temporary change in the mirror`s induction and provides a mode for filling the trap with primary plasma, and for the generation of plasma bunches with an energetic electron component and their accumulation within a single cavity. The approach does not require injection of external particles into the acceleration zone as particles can be generated directly within the mirror using specialized conditions of electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) as part of the operational mode. A detailed study of the spectral-angular distribution of Bremsstrahlung in various operational modes has been undertaken. The results of this study permit the optimal value of the time sequence between the leading edge of the pulsed magnetic field and the microwave pulse to be determined, which ensures the optimal mode of electron trapping in the cyclotron autoresonance mode. Bremsstrahlung radiation recorded in the transverse direction has a significantly higher intensity of photons and energy compared to the longitudinal direction during the acceleration and subsequent confinement mode of plasma bunches. The observed changes in the intensity and spectral distribution of the Bremsstrahlung, which depend on the values of the operating parameters for acceleration, afford the possibility to define the dependence of the number of initial plasma particles trapped by cyclotron autoresonance for the different operating modes. The results will improve our understanding of the processes taking place at various stages of the operational modes. In general, such studies are important for gaining an improved understanding of the mechanisms of generation and confinement of hot electron plasma bunches with an energetic electron component for autoresonant interaction in a long mirror. © 2021 Author(s).

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  • 1 RUDN University, Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation
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Angular distribution; Cyclotron radiation; Cyclotrons; Electron cyclotron resonance; Electron scattering; Electrons; Mirrors; Bremsstrahlung radiation; Cyclotron autoresonance; Hot electron plasmas; Longitudinal direction; Operating parameters; Pulsed magnetic fields; Spectral distribution; Spectral-angular distribution; Plasma diagnostics
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