International Trade and Customs Operations in Digital Era

The article endorses the need for modern automated environment and substantial automation of Russian customs to meet growing requirements of international trade and transport operations. The authors examined international experience of leading countries in digital customs, in comparison with the timetable for enlargement of the of digital customs operations in Russian Federation and current status of electronic document flow and interaction between the customs authorities of member States of the Euro Asian Economic Union (EAEU). The conclusion was made that extensive use of integrated information technologies in customs offers effective interaction of customs authorities with both governmental organizations and international trade stakeholders. The balance is important between unimpeded passage for goods and passengers through the customs border and trade security requirements. Identifying high-risk goods and safety of the Russian Federation and its citizens is extremely important goal of the customs administration. Customs processes are intended to protect the international trade logistics and supply chain from threats posed by smugglers, commercial fraudsters, terrorists and potentially dangerous goods for life and health and, at the same time, to streamline trade processing with low risk operations across all business capabilities. More automated customs system grants achieving this balance.

Vorotyntseva Tatyana 1 , Levinskaya Elena2 , Skudalova Tatyana2 , Kudryavitskaya Tatyana2 , Nikulin Alexander2
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Atlantis Press
  • 1 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) Moscow, Russia
  • 2 Russian Presidental Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) Moscow, Russia
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digital customs; automation of customs operations; electronic customs declarations; automated clearance; information and communication infrastructure
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Vorotyntseva T.M., Veselko A.A., Sorokin A.M., Imomnazarova K.S., Andreeva E.I.
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