How Technoparks Contribute to ICT in India

This paper describes the IT sector as part of India's National Innovation System. The Indian National Innovation System is a network of interconnected structural elements, in which the technology parks (technoparks) serve as the country's research and production centers for IT. The authors hereof underline the role technoparks have to play in solving such major socioeconomic problems in India as unemployment, low living standards, and regional HR allocation issues. The paper notes the role of technoparks in raising India's high-tech exports. Over 90% of the country's software and IT service exports is generated by technopark-hosted companies. This paper emphasizes India's ICT sector as the most successful sector of the national economy; it focuses on how technoparks have been a booster to the industry by providing the sector with infrastructures, tax benefits, equipment, and human resources. In today's economy, ICT is a crucial production factor that stimulates the economy of knowledge. Many researchers believe that knowledge, innovation, and cutting-edge technology are the crucial components of economic growth. The paper points to the imperativeness of analyzing national innovation based on technological breakthroughs: in the era of global digitalization, information, and robotics, sustainable economic development of a country and entering the global high-tech markets are impossible without boosting the innovation potential. For India, the potential lies in ICT first and foremost. The paper describes the core outcomes technopark operations in India to show their contribution to the country's innovation.

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