Approaches to Evaluation the Reliability of Private Pension Funds

The article examines the issues of assessing the reliability of private pension funds in the Russian Federation. The pension system has an important role in the social, economic and political life of society. The social and economic development of society depends on an effective pension system. Over the past twenty years, Russia has been actively reforming the pension system. Recent changes in the issues of accrual and distribution of pensions have led to the active development of private pension funds in the country. Private pensions funds greater returns on investment for members than state funds. But the downward trend in the number of funds leads to a loss of members confidence, which is confirmed by a decrease in the growth rate of new fund's members. In relation to the importance of the effective work of private pension funds for the country, in Russia the Expert RA Agency has developed a reliability rating for pension funds. The article analyzes the foreign and Russian methodology for assessing the reliability of pension funds and the criteria that are considered in these estimates. Based on the analysis of foreign and Russian experience, the author proposes an improved methodology for evaluating the reliability of Russian private pension funds. The application of this technique will increase the level of confidence of members in private pension funds. And funds will be able to influence the rating, improving their positions according to weaker criteria.

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