Psychophysiological and sport activity of the student youth as an indicator and determinant of health-preserving culture development

The purpose of the study consisted in exploring specific features of the influence of social activity of student youth on the development of their health-promoting culture. In addition, the study was directed at searching for effective ways of encouraging and developing health-promoting culture among student youth by boosting activities in the sphere of student media. The subject of our study embraced the process of education and development of health-promoting culture among students through the inclusion of the media environment in the activity. Research methods comprised theoretical (analysis, classification, synthesis and generalization) and empirical ones (questionnaire "What is your creative potential"); "Communicative and organizational inclinations". On the basis of the results of the study, the authors of the paper specified and concretized the concepts of general culture and social activity of students through the implementation of creative activity in the media space. An additional education program for students has been designed and tested, the purpose of which is to increase social activity and the development of health-promoting culture in the youth milieu. The designed Program, in addition to the formation of competences in the field of social activity and the development of general culture, information support of events and coverage of the main news among students, is focused on developing students' professional skills of humanities courses who participate in the media space activities. The significance of the study from a practical point of view lies in the fact that its results can be used in the educational process to boost social activity and develop health-promoting culture of students of higher educational and vocational institutions. The novelty of the study is based on the fact that the designed Program of additional education for students of higher educational and vocational institutions is not only an educational program for mastering educational material but is a practical platform for the implementation of both educational and professional activities. The program comprises methods, technologies and resources that allow students to participate in various events and projects, to express themselves as a creative person, the ability to communicate with society, and organize events. The results of the program implementation raise the general socialization of students; determine the direction of their professional activity; and also provide a foundation for public life in the framework of press services of state bodies and public organizations.

Shukshina L.V.1 , Nizamutdinova S.M.2 , Mamedov A.A. 3 , Kidinov A.V.4 , Litvinov A.V. 5, 6 , Lvova E.N. 7 , Sudakova Y.E.8
  • 1 Plekhanov Russian Univ Econ, Dept Psychol, Moscow, Russia
  • 2 Moscow City Univ, Dept Mus, Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Sechenov First Moscow State Med Univ, Dept Pediat Dent, Moscow, Russia
  • 4 Financial Univ Govt Russian Federat, Dept Psychol & Human Capital Dev, Moscow, Russia
  • 5 Peoples Friendship Univ Russia RUDN Univ, Fac Econ, Dept Foreign Languages, Moscow, Russia
  • 6 Moscow State Univ Psychol & Educ MSUPE, Dept Foreign & Russian Philol, Moscow, Russia
  • 7 Ulyanovsk State Univ, Dept Pedag Profess Educ & Social Act, Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • 8 Natl Res Nucl Univ MEPhI, Dimitrovgrad Engn & Technol Inst, Dept Phys Culture & Sports, Dimitrovgrad, Russia
Ключевые слова
Social activity; Culture of students; Additional education program; Higher education; Personality development
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