Team esports as rehabilitation method in views of students with disabilities: Formation and development prospects

Scientific and technological progress has led to the emergence of computer technics and computer technologies. The growth rate of computerization contributes to the fact that more and more people are involved in work, communication and leisure activities through the internet. In particular, special attention should be paid to the use of computer technologies for healthy students and students with disabilities. The purpose of this article is to identify the features of social rehabilitation of students with disabilities. The article considers the possibilities of team esports in the representation of students with disabilities. It is proved that the potential of team esports lies in the fact that students with disabilities begin to develop active strategies and positive thinking, which gives them the strength to fight against difficulties. It is revealed that team esports is an opportunity to communicate and display adaptive skills. It is considered that students with disabilities gain self-confidence due to lively, interesting communication, which increases their chances of psychophysiological rehabilitation. It is determined that team esports has a positive effect on students with disabilities, developing their skills of social adaptation. It is revealed that out of the three forms of aggressive behaviour: physical, verbal, and indirect aggression, after being introduced to team esports, students with disabilities mostly abandoned verbal aggression, decreased resentment, and suspicion based on the belief that others intend to harm them. It is proved that by involving students in team esports, it was possible to correct the level of anxiety of students with disabilities. The high level of school, self-assessment, and interpersonal anxiety was adjusted to the lowest level.

Martynenko S.E. 1 , Godlevsky P.P.2 , Ganshina G.V.3 , Lobanova E.V.4 , Mikhaylovsky M.N.5 , Prokopyev A.I.6
  • 1 Peoples Friendship Univ Russia RUDN Univ, Dept Theory & Hist Int Relat, Moscow, Russia
  • 2 Financial Univ Govt Russian Federat, Dept Live Safety, Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Moscow City Univ, Dept Social & Cultural Act & Performing Arts, Moscow, Russia
  • 4 Russian New Univ, Dept Dev Act, Moscow, Russia
  • 5 IM Sechenov First Moscow State Med Univ Sechenov, Dept Nursing Act & Social Work, Moscow, Russia
  • 6 Plekhanov Russian Univ Econ, Dept State & Legal Disciplines, Moscow, Russia
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Students with disabilities; Team esports; Ideas; Presentations of students
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