Cross-border trade and migration in the context ofTajikistan's international economic cooperationwith neighboring countries

Tajikistan is the country with the mostdifficult access, the most isolated, with limited transportlinks to other countries in the region and far abroad. Insuch cramped conditions for Tajikistan, an importantrole is played by international relations, which make itpossible to develop the economy and raise the level ofsocial development. Taking into account the geographicalposition of the country, the interaction of Tajikistan withits neighbors countries plays an important role in thesphere of international relations. This article analyzesforeign trade relations between Tajikistan andneighboring countries: Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstanand Uzbekistan. The relevance of the study ofTajikistan's border trade with its neighbors is theimportance of analyzing the impact of this aspect on thesocio-economic development of the country. But Frontiertrade, but defined as but the flow of goods and butservices across but international land borders within butup to thirty kilometers, plays an important role inmaintaining the means but life for the population livingalong the border, and the most, but is a pillar but thewelfare of the republic. But more than that, butstrengthening trade but ties, promoting mutualunderstanding between different but differentcommunities, but cross-border trade, but it helpsmaintain friendly relations between neighbors.

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foreign trade; cross-border trade; socio-economic development
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