Moral Education of Youth in Information-Oriented Society

At the present time, the issues of moral education of youth are becoming increasingly relevant. This is due to the need to develop new ways of forming the value foundations of human activity, in the context of its universal computerization, changes in the content and ways of human interaction with the outside world. Moral education as the formation of a moral culture of an individual is part of the whole process of its spiritual formation. Improving the effectiveness of moral education involves the scientific definition of the very goals of education and the complex ways of their implementation. The organization of moral education of students at a university consists of two main interrelated areas: moral education and the corresponding training of students in moral behavior skills in the process of the activity. The versatile activities of the university act not only as a means of moral education but also is its condition. Moral education in the university includes: the presence of the traditions of moral education, a formed and formalized corporate culture (the mission of the university, the system of life values, codes of honor, etc.); teaching ethical disciplines, introducing young people to theoretical achievements in the field of ethical thought; general ethical orientation of the educational process in general theoretical and professional disciplines; organization of the educational process and work with students in extracurricular time; organization of practice, involvement of students in social and labor activities, etc.

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morality; ethics; personality; youth; values; moral education; moral culture; responsibility; patriotism; information society
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