Clinical and organizational assessment of endovascular care accessibility at the regional level

The world health care system´s concern of inequalities in treatment of receiving the necessary medical care. The purpose of article to evaluate the availability of endovascular care (EVC) for patients at regional level in Russia and to develop a system for its improvement. As a result the low availability of EVC for the population at the regional level in Russia with coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis of the brachiocephalic arteries and critical lower limb ischemia (CLLI) was funded. The main reasons for the difficulties in obtaining EVC in the regions of Russia are the low frequency of diagnosing a critical stage of cardiovascular disease (CVD) requiring surgical treatment, the absence of cardiovascular surgeons and cardiologists in the medical care organizations, the failure in information to patients attending a regular doctor´s appointment about effectiveness and safety of endovascular treatment technology. More old-school traditional methods remain in place like bypass or endarterectomy surgery. Further obstacles are prolonged waiting list at the regional level for the provision of high-tech care in cardiovascular surgery, choice of conservative treatment methods or amputation of lower limbs for patients with CLLI 3 and 4 st. (p<0.05). In Conclusion the Clinical and organizational assessment of the endovascular care accessibility in CVD for the population in regions of Russia elaborated. One way to improve the situation is the introduction of the cardiovascular care clinical management. A dual-circuit clinical and organizational system was developed and proposed to increase endovascular care accessibility in regions.

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  • 1 Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia"Moscow 117198, Russian Federation
  • 2 Research Clinical Center "The Russian Railway Medicine"Moscow 125367, Russian Federation
  • 3 V. I. Burakovsky Cardiovascular Surgery Institute in The A. N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery of Minzdrav of RussiaMoscow 119049, Russian Federation
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atherosclerosis; cardiovascular disease; clinical, organizational, regional level; endovascular care; health care accessibility
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