Методы оценки личностных факторов по визуальной информации, публикуемой в социальных сетях (обзор)

The methods for assessing personal factors using visual information that is published on social networks (review)

The article raised the question of the relevance of the analysis of visual information published by the users of social networks. This information is used to predict the “Big Five” psychological factors. Openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism are the main defined factors. It is noted that while identifying personal characteristics, domestic researchers are limited, as a rule, to text polls. On the other hand, a new information technology, based on an analysis of the color-brightness features and content of photographic and video information published on the social networks “Twitted’, “Instagram”, “Facebook”, etc., is actively developing abroad. It is vital to note that visual information is invariant to a multilingual audience, which allows to overcome language barriers and related discrepancies in translations. The article provides an overview of the works in this area, it is shown how visual information correlates with the psychological factors of the users of social networks. In turn, the factors themselves correlate well among themselves and with other important characteristics of a person related to the ability to perform intellectual work, with the state of depression, aggressiveness, etc. On the basis of the performed analysis of modern works, the article specifies the connection between visual information and factors. The study was carried out separately for each type of social networks, which is determined by the preferences of psychologists to work, as a rule, within the framework of only one network, but at the same time the closeness of the patterns found by them is traced. Based on the results of the review, a conclusion was drawn on the necessity for a combined analysis of psychological factors based on visual and textual information. The study is planned to expand in the areas of connection to the analysis of images published on the social network “VKontakte”; clarification of the correlation coefficients linking the entire set of selected factors; generalization of the results.

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личностные факторы; корреляция факторов; визуальная и текстовая информация; цветояркостный состав и содержание изображения; социальные сети; большая пятерка; психологический портрет; personality factors; correlation of factors; visual and textual information; color-brightness composition and image content; social networks; Big Five; psychological portrait
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