International cooperation in the field of international terrorism combating

In the present paper authors research questions of international terrorism and threat it may cause to states and societies worldwide, as well as related issues of international cooperation in the field of countering international terrorism. Authors point out that combating international terrorism is a very important task, though a serious task, which requires all interested countries to participate, however, at the same time, unfortunately, the current level of the terrorist threat in some countries push them to actively combat terrorism, while some other countries, prior to the recent acts of terrorism, did not give tangible attention to the issues of combating terrorism and, moreover to issues of international cooperation. Authors analyze the level of the greatest and smallest terrorist threat in the world, as well as changes in dynamics. In the conclusion, authors, based on the conducted scientific research, make 3 scientifically grounded conclusions-recommendations, including: Current mechanism of international law-enforcement is not enough sufficient on the one hand, and, current acts of international law do not provide needed powers by the means of international legal regulation, legal systems of many developed countries are not adapted to current reality of the international terrorism threat. In the modern geopolitical and economic reality there is really no country that is alone able to effectively combat international terrorism, fostering international cooperation in the field of international terrorism combating is absolutely necessary. It appears important to create a specialized intergovernmental organization that would facilitate international cooperation in the field of international terrorism combating. © 2017 Bull. Georg. Natl. Acad. Sci.

Georgian National Academy of Sciences
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  • 1 Department of Municipal Law of the RUDN University, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law, Moscow Region State University, Russian Federation
  • 3 Laboratory of Macroeconomic Regulation and Planning, Stolypin International Institute of Informatization and Public Administration, Russian Federation
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Combating; Counterterrorism; International cooperation; International terrorism; Law enforcement; Safety; Threat
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