Methodology development of the university teacher’s creative abilities with the help of information technologies

Pedagogical activity implies persistent perfection of professional skills and expertise, caused by extensive use of information and communication technologies in the educational process, which requires a creative approach in work. The innovative work mode in the conditions of total digitizing of education brings about different one-off circumstances which are not included into the existing methodology. The pedagogue’s task is to use professional and creative qualities in order to find a true recipe for solving arisen problems with the use of computer technologies. This is what determines the requirements to the modern pedagogue in terms of continuous development of his/her creative thinking. In the conditions of the changing educational paradigm, building a creative educational environment for learning foreign languages take on particular significance as it facilitates both the development of the learner’s initial creative potential and his/her further growth as a linguistic persona and an increase of aspiration to life-long self-development. The main requirements to the digital educational environment are a high level of uncertainty and problem, continuity and consistency, accepting the learner and involving him/her into an active educational process. The distinctive features of the digital didactic language environment, which is a foreign language educational space, are the communicative approach to the educational process, as well as pragmatic, developmental, action-oriented, personality-focused character of education. Creative teaching of language in the conditions of digital educational environment results positively, it facilitates stable interest in and motivation to learning a foreign language, the development of creative thinking and creative abilities, the evolvement of a second- language persona, and is a guarantee of successful professional, social and personal self-realization. © 2019, World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering. All rights reserved.

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  • 1 Federal State Institution “Research Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia”, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Russian Federation
  • 3 K.G. Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technologies and Management (the First Cossack University), Russian Federation
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A foreign language teacher; Creative abilities; Creativity; Digital educational environment
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