Methodical approaches for creation of intelligent management information systems by means of energy resources of technical facilities

As part of the development of the digital economy both abroad and in the Russian Federation, the management of energy resources based on the use of digital technologies is one of the key tasks in improving infrastructure in order to ensure the efficient functioning of technical facilities providing the operation of capital construction projects. Currently, the spread of information and communication technologies is the basis for the development of intelligent management information systems for energy resources, which requires further theoretical and practical studies and the development of conceptually new methodological approaches to the formation of these systems. As a result of the study, the authors have identified problems in the Russian energy sector and defined methodological approaches to improving energy management systems in the functioning of intelligent buildings and structures. The result of the study is an algorithm for creation of a server center for energy consumption reduction during the operation of utilities and electrical equipment of intelligent buildings and structures, real-time monitoring of energy consumers and forecasting the energy consumption of intelligent structures and buildings (ISB), which will provide for accumulation of data necessary for optimal energy planning and will improve the soundness of management decisions. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2019.

Safiullin R.1 , Marusin A. 2 , Safiullin R.1 , Ablyazov T.1
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EDP Sciences
  • 1 Saint Petersburg State, University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Miklukho-Maklaya str. 6, Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation
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Energy resources; Energy utilization; Green computing; Information management; Information use; Intelligent buildings; Management information systems; Project management; Construction projects; Digital technologies; Electrical equipment; Intelligent Management Information Systems; Management decisions; Methodological approach; Real time monitoring; Spread of informations; Energy management systems
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