IT for the remediation of the geological environment poluted with the petroleum products: Experience of the Kazakh-Belarus Russian joint project

The objective of the poject is to create an expert system on rehabilitation of the geological environment polluted with petroleum products for the terriories of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. Despite some specificity of the pollution (prevalence of certain sources) in all three countries, oil pollution is one of the most problematic. Thanks to the contacts between scientific teams is formed unified methodological basis for the development of the architecture of an expert system, filling its blocks, selecting optimal prediction models of pollution and effective methods of remediation. Analyzed the existing models and software systems on migration of oil and petroleum products; estimated the possibility of their use in an expert system. Estimated losses of petroleum products during handling on model objects. In the following steps are carried out "assembly" of blocks of the expert system and its testing with potential users - decision makers in elimination of accidents and rehabilitation of the geological environment, representatives of environmental agencies, enterprises and other polluters. Currently identified the problems of modeling of hydrocarbon pollution of the geological environment: underestimation of the detailed component composition and transformation processes of hydrocarbons, excessive simplification of their migration patterns; underestimation of self-organization processes in contaminated geological environment; insufficient accuracy of methods of chemical analysis of environmental pollution (such as extraction); fragmentation and the lack of justification for the content of oil products standards in soils. Formed architecture of the expert system. We select the models of pollution of geological environment for the territories of the participating countries, taking into account specificity of their areas (landscape features) and specific sources of pollution - model objects. The project creates an effective information base to solve the problem by reducing the time for the development of management decisions, the optimal use of information for modeling and forecasting of contamination of the geological environment. Provides a higher environmental and economic performance of works on the rehabilitation of the geological environment. Features of the project: focus on the potential recovery of the environment using its own reserves; selection of typical landscape conditions and model objects; Environmental expert system - an effective tool to support decision-making in crisis situations. The complexity of the simulation often doesn't allows you to select sufficiently effective recovery technology. The created expert system can solve this problem for a variety of natural conditions and man-made objects and sources of pollution. Creation and implementation of most projects on protection of the environment requires the use of specialized software, which would allow to reliably identify, predict and model the development of the processes of pollution of natural environments. Given the urgency of the problems of oil pollution in exploration, transport, storage and processing of petroleum products, the studies on the creation of software products, which facilitate management decisions on remediation of contaminated areas, are extremely relevant. Copyright 2015, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Khaustov A. 1 , Redina M. 1 , Mamchik S.2 , Onoshko M.2 , Gishkelyuk I.2 , Absametov M.3 , Shagarova L.3
Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • 1 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation
  • 2 Research Centre on Geology, Russian Federation
  • 3 Institute of Hydrogeology and Geoecology, Russian Federation
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Accidents; Chemical analysis; Computer architecture; Decision making; Expert systems; Feature extraction; Forecasting; Geology; Hydrocarbon refining; Hydrocarbons; Information use; Petroleum engineering; Petroleum products; Petroleum prospecting; Petroleum reservoir evaluation; Petroleum transportation; Pollution; Problem solving; Environmental and economic performance; Environmental pollutions; Geological environment; Hydrocarbon pollution; Modeling and forecasting; Protection of the environments; Self-organization process; Transformation process; Soil pollution
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