Solving the Problem of the Optimal Control System General Synthesis Based on Approximation of a Set of Extremals using the Symbol Regression Method

A new approach is considered to solving the problem of synthesizing an optimal control system based on the extremals' set approximation. At the first stage, the optimal control problem for various initial states out of a given domain is being numerically sold. Evolutionary algorithms are used to solve the optimal control problem numerically. At the second stage, the problem of approximating the found set of extremals by the method of symbolic regression is solved. Approach considered in the work makes it possible to eliminate the main drawback of the known approach to solving the control synthesis problem using the symbolic regression method, which consists in the fact that the genetic algorithm used in solving the synthesis problem does not provide information about proximity of the found solution to the optimal one. Here, control function is built on the basis of a set of extremals; therefore, any particular solution should be close to the optimal trajectory. Computational experiment is presented for solving the applied problem of synthesizing the four-wheel robot optimal control system in the presence of phase constraints. It is experimentally demonstrated that the synthesized control function makes it possible for any initial state from a given domain to obtain trajectories close to optimal in the quality functional. Initial states were considered during the experiment, both included in the approximating set of optimal trajectories and others from the same given domain. Approximation of the extremals set was carried out by the network operator method

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  • 1 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
optimal control; control synthesis; Extremals; evolutionary algorithms; symbolic regression method; network operator method
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