Timing of statin therapy may eliminate its toxicity and increase its bioactivity, Said Professor Halberg, the lord of time

Halberg, the Lord of Time proposed that any adverse effects of any therapeutic agent can be eliminated or reduced in extent and bioactivity can be increased by the rescheduling the treatment along the 24-hour scale. The treatment may be modifications of routine activities, diet and/or daily exercise and/or statin or antihypertensive medication. For any non-drug or drug treatment the rescheduling in kind and/or timing of administration being gauged by hours after the habitual awakening time or by other marker rhythms such as continuous ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (C-ABPM), wrist activity or a human metabolite timetable. Cholesterol synthesis has a diurnal variation and most of it is synthesized in the night. There is evidence that statins are potent and effective agents with several pleiotropic effects for treatment of hypercholesterolemia and coronary artery disease (CAD). Statins can also decrease sympathetic activity. Statin may have adverse effects, if given in higher doses and in combinations, indicating that it may be a two edged sword. However, if the approach based on timing is used, the dosage of statins may be lowered to achieve greater therapeutic benefit without having any adverse effects of the drug. © 2016 Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

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Chronotherapy; Drug therapy; Inflammation; Statin toxicity
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Dalton Transactions. Royal Society of Chemistry. Vol. 45. 2016. P. 13663-13666