Method of phosphate binders administration in stage 3 of chronic renal failure in cats

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the 7th most frequently encountered disorder in cats in general practice in England,with a disease prevalence of 30–80% in cats over 10 years old, (Calcitonin Response to Naturally Occurring Ionized Hypercalcemia in Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease).The aim of the study isto show the method of phosphate binders administration in stage 3of chronic renal failurein cats.For the study, 40 cats with idiopathic chronic renal failure were selected. Cats of the first group (n = 10) received Almagel NEO as a phosphate binder, for 30 days, for the next 60 days there was no treatment with phosphate binders. Cats of the second group were given a feed supplement Ipakitine for 90 days. Animals of the third group (n = 10) received Ipakitine and Almagel NEO for 30 days and then only Ipakitine for 60 days; the fourth group (n = 10) served as a control and did not receive phosphate binders. To assess the results obtained, the animals were subjected to urinalysis and serum chemistry.Joint application of Ipakitine and Almagel NEO preparations against a low-protein diet makes it possible to improve the filtration capacity of the kidneys, which clearly indicates in changes in the urinalysis. Based on clinical and morphological studies, the method is proved and the effectiveness of the combined use of phosphatebinders Ipakitine and Almagel NEO is proved on the background of a low-protein diet for the long-term correction of hyperphosphataemia in the in stage 3 of chronic renal failure in cats.In connection withthe characteristic picture of chronic dystrophic and destructive processes in the kidneys, changes in full blood count, chemistry and urinalysis values under the influence of phosphatebinders, used in doses of 34 mg of an algebra (0.5 ml of Almagel NEO) per 1 kg of body weight twice a day and 1 g preparation Ipakitine for 5 kg of body weight of an animal 2 times a day are detected. © 2018, Advanced Scientific Research. All rights reserved.

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Chronic kidney disease; Chronic renal failure; Correction of chronic renal failure; Feline; Kidneys; Phosphate binders
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