Biodiversity of flora and fauna of the territory allocated for carrying out construction work for the reconstruction of Highway 217 of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The sresearch is devoted to the study of the biological diversity of the anthropogenically transformed territory, the 217 Highway of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This highway crosses the northern part of the country from west to east. It is of great strategic importance, since it is the link of many settlements of the country. Along with this, the western section of the road, from 107 to 195 km, requires construction work. Reconstruction of the highway will lead to a whole complex of environmental impacts on the natural environment. The assessment of the impact of anthropogenic object, namely the 217 Highway on the environment during the reconstruction and operational phase requires updating of existing data on the biological diversity of the territory located 40-50 meters from each side of the western section of the 217 Highway. The data obtained from the results of our own observations, the analysis of the available materials of descriptive ecology, surveys of local people, hunters, and forestry workers made it possible to clarify the available information on the species diversity of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Species diversity of agricultural ecosystems is characterized by poverty caused by human economic activity. Together with this, the withdrawal of agricultural land for the construction of a highway will result in the death of 31342 individuals of fruit and forest trees in the province of Ba Thyok and 68424 individuals of trees and shrubs in the province of Kuang Shon. The biological diversity of natural ecosystems is much richer. However, the influence of the highway can contribute to the inhibition of plants, contribute to the dissection of the habitat of animals and their death. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2018.

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Animals; Aquatic ecosystems; Biodiversity; Economics; Forestry; Investments; Lead compounds; Phase meters; Agricultural ecosystems; Agricultural land; Construction works; Forestry workers; Natural ecosystem; Natural environments; Operational phase; Trees and shrubs; Environmental impact
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