Krassovitskiy P.M.

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Vinitsky S.I., Gusev A.A., Derbov V.L., Krassovitskiy P.M., Pen'kov F.M., Chuluunbaatar G.
Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. Vol. 61. 2021. P. 376-387
Derbov V.L., Chuluunbaatar G., Gusev A.A., Chuluunbaatar O., Vinitsky S.I., Góźdź A., Krassovitskiy P.M., Filikhin I., Mitin A.V.
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. Elsevier Ltd. Vol. 262. 2021.
Gusev A.A., Chuluunbaatar O., Vinitsky S.I., Hai L.L., Derbov V.L., Krassovitskiy P.M.
Distributed computer and communication networks: control, computation, communications (DCCN-2016): Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Scientific Conference. Russia, Moscow, 21-25 November 2016. Vol. 2: Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Control Problems. РУДН. Vol. 2. 2016. P. 129-139

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