Polymorphism of GPIIIa platelet glycoprotein gene PIA1/A2 compared to plasma hemostasis in myocardial infarction patients

Aim. To investigate gene pI(A1/A2) polymorphism and some parameters of plasma hemostasis in postmyocardial infarction (PMI) patients with chronic cardiac failure (CCF). Materials and methods. A total of 58 PMI patients with CCF, pulmonary artery thromboembolism (PATE), phlebothrombosis (PT) were examined The age of the patients ranged from 24 to 84 yeats. Polymorphism of platelet glycoprotein GPIIIa gene was assessed according to the standard PCR-RFLP. Results. Occurrence of genotypes PIA1/A2, PIA1/A2 was 70.8 and 29.2%, respectively; of allele PIA1 and pI(A2) 84.5 and 15.5%, respectively. In PMI patients genotype PIA1/A2 occurred in 71.7% of cases, genotype PIA1/A2 - in 28.3%. Incidence of alleles was: 84.0% (PIA1), 16.0% (pI(A2)). PATE patients had genotype pI(A1/A1), PT patients had distribution of the genotypes 50.0% and 50.0%, respectively. in patients who had suffered MI at the age under 45 years prevalence of the genotypes was 63.2% PIA1A1, 36.8%PIA1A2, of alleles 83.6% PIA1, 16.4% PIA2. In patients with a history of MI at the age over 50 the incidence of the genotypes and alleles was, respectively, 75.0% pI(A1A1), 25.0% PIA1A2 87.7% PIA1, 12.3% pI(A2). Patients with genotype pI(A1/A2) had a significantly higher fibrinogen than PIA1A1. Concentration of soluble fibrin monomeric complex was higher in patients with genotype PIA1/A2 reflecting activation of intravascular clotting. AT-III decrease by 5.4% indicated lower anticoagulant activity in patients with genotype PIA1A2. Conclusion. In patients with MI at the age under 45 years gene PIA1A2 and allele pI(A2) occurred more frequently than in patients who had MI at older age. Allele PIA2 was associated with the risk of MI onset at young age. It is suggested that patients with genotype PIA1/A2 are at higher risk of thrombotic conditions, of coronary artery thrombosis in particular, than patients with genotype PIA1/A1.

Tereschenko S.N. , Levchuk N.N. , Drozdov V.N. , Shaikhaev G.O. , Leontyev S.G. , Kirienko A.I. , Moiseev V.S.
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polymorphism of PIA1/A2 gene of platelet glycoprotein GPIIIa; chronic cardiac insufficiency; plasma hemostasis; myocardial infarction; phlebothrombosis
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