Creative thinking as methodical category of foreign language learning

This article is devoted to the development and improvement of the creative thinking approach of foreign language learning, namely speaking process. In that sense, the authors of the given article consider creative thinking as method and technique of foreign language learning and means of communicative competence development. The authors also describe the estimation system of the given method and its content in a form of methodical algorithm and theoretical principles of foreign language learning using creative thinking as an approach. The aim of the given article to develop a new approach for better development of foreign language communication, especially in skills of speaking, to be based on unique thinking as a technique in learning. The authors of the given article also developed and presented notion called “creativization” as methodical and theoretical category in foreign language learning process comprising some theoretical aspects of the given foreign language learning approach including its own specifics and conceptual points described in the given article. Creativization is also described by the authors of the given article as a technique in foreign language learning especially concerning speaking. The notion “creativization” presents concept ideas and basic principles of creative thinking approach in foreign language learning in a form of several methodical principles and theoretical aspects.

Litvinov A.V. 1, 2 , Bukovsky S.L.3
Сборник материалов конференции
EDP Sciences
  • 1 Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  • 3 Russian State Agrarian University-Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev
Ключевые слова
creativization; speaking; approach; principles; communication; estimation; logic
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