G.D. Grebenshikov humane pedagogics

Stating the problem. Time is the best measure of creativity evaluation. It ruthlessly and objectively separates the wheat from the chaff. Only real literature can stand the test of time. Georgiy Grebenshikov's talent was noticed from the very beginning of his creative work. He was highly acknowledged by A.M. Gorkiy, V.K. Korolenko, V.Y. Shishkov, F.M. Shalyapin, I.I. Sikorskiy, N.K. Rerih and others. However his author fate was not always even and smooth. He has spent the most part of his life far from his Motherland. This fact saved the writer from inevitable repressions and at the same time was his tragedy. In one of his letters he admitted that if a dog from his Motherland came, he would kiss it. Immigration has divided his creative work into two periods: Siberian 1906-1920 and Immigration 1920-1956.

Pinaev S.M. 1 , Ametova E.K.2 , Tsaregorodtseva S.S.2
Сборник материалов конференции
EDP Sciences
  • 1 Russian University of Peoples' Friendship
  • 2 V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University
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