Оценка влияния угла деформации грудного отдела позвоночного столба на степень неврологического дефицита у собак при кифозе

The urgency of the problem of kyphotic deformity of the spinal column is determined by a significant decrease in the ability to support the pelvic limbs, the presence of pain syndrome, and in severe cases, the plegia of the pelvic limbs in dogs. This is due to dynamic and static compression of the spinal cord at the level of deformity, underdevelopment of the structures of the spinal column in animals, an increased risk of extrusion of intervertebral discs both at the site of deformity and at other levels of the thoracic and lumbar regions. The most susceptible to this disease are chondrodystrophic dog breeds, pugs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers. Purpose of the work: To present a comparative description of methods for measuring kyphotic deformity in the sagittal plane. This study is based on the observation and surgical treatment of 11 dogs of chondrodystrophic breeds from 2017 to 2020 with a diagnosis of kyphosis of the thoracic spine. Breeds were monitored: 4 pugs, 5 French bulldogs, 2 Boston terriers. All animals at the time of observation were between 9 months and 1.5 years of age. Comparative evaluation of the Cobb-Lipmann method and the Ferguson method for dogs was carried out. The analysis was carried out on the basis of the following data: breed, sex, age, body weight, duration of manifestation of clinical signs before going to the clinic, results of neurological examination at the initial consultation, results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and chest radiography of the spinal column. The results were statistically processed. Output. Average angles of kyphosis in animals with physiological kyphosis and the absence of neurological deficits vary from 20° to 28°. In the presence of severe deformity and the manifestation of neurological deficits of varying degrees, the angle will be from 36° to 49°.

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