The Use of Video Materials for the Development of Inner Motivation in Learning Foreign Languages of University Students

Our research aims to distinguish the types of motivation that are especially significant for undergraduate students and how authentic video materials foster the development of these types of motivation. Sample for the research was 67 undergraduate students from two Moscow universities – from MRSU (31 students) and from RUDN (36 students). The experiment was carried out in the autumn term of the 2019-2020 academic year. In the course of the research, a survey of students was conducted to identify the most significant factors contributing to an increase in the motivation of learning activities. According to the results of the survey, for senior undergraduate students, the opportunity to plan their learning activities independently acquires the greatest value. The creation of a favourable emotional environment in the classroom and adequate assessment of students are important but not determining factors in the development of motivation. The implementation of innovative pedagogical technologies and psychological and pedagogical support of the learning process are equally important for the formation of motivation. As part of the study, authentic professional video materials were selected and techniques for working with them were developed. The developed materials can be used for teaching language for specific purposes in the areas of Pedagogy, Economics, and Management. Students note that the use of the foreign language being studied in real situations of professional communication is the leading motivational factor. The participation of students in the film making process encourages the development of social and communicative competencies, prepares them for future professional activity.

Matyushenko V.V. 1 , Polyakova N.V. 2 , Shabanova V.P.2
Horizon Research Publishing
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  • 1 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  • 2 Moscow Region State University
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professional education; methodology of teaching a foreign language; motivation; authentic video materials
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