Hypoxitherapy today and in the future

Hypoxitherapy as the method of prophylaxis and treatment of different diseases is widely used in medicine and sport nowadays. More than 400 000 patients have passed the hypoxical course in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Hypoxitherapy is based on the discovery of hypoxical biorhythm both in tissues of uterus and intrauterine developing foetus. This biorhythm is aimed on the increase of the foetus's resistance in forthcoming childbirth. The discovery suggested the possibility of hypoxical stimulation of genetically determinated mechanisms of body nonspecific resistance. The mechanism of intrauterine circle circulatory hypoxia, caused by discrete rhythmical blood flow in uterine vessels was understood in 1991 (Chizhov A.Ya. Leontjeva G.V., 1991). According to several research works (Lebkova N.P., Chizhov A.Ya. 1987-1997) one of hypoxia's effect is connected with the increase of cell's energetical resistance owing to application as the energetical substrates of fat acids after their transformation into carbohydrates. In the basis of clinical use of hypoxitherapy there is the imitation of intermittent hypoxical training typical for the first stages of mammal's development. This training gives the possibility to reach the substantial increase of organism's resistance to factors causing pathogenesis of many diseases. The future of hypoxitherapy is connected with innovation of methods control over adaptive processes using the mechanisms of biological feedback. The method of rhythmographical estimation and correction of hyperventilative syndrome intensity have been worked out. For the first time it was used as the method of defining the individual time of breathing with hypoxical mixtures and relaxation time taking into account body's biorhythm. It is method of resonance hypoxical influence (Chizhov A.Ya., Bludov A.A. 1993-2000). The solving of problem of control over adaptive processes using the mechanisms of biological feedback gives the hope that in the 21st century hypoxitherapy is going to be one of the main nondrug technologies.

Chizhov A.Y. , Bludov A.A.
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