Development of value orientations among students against the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemiс: Case study of the volunteering movement at universities

In the current conditions of the spread of coronavirus infection that has been labeled a pandemic, the issues related to the development of value orientations among citizens of the Russian Federation as a whole, and students in particular, are acquiring special importance. The authors studied various opinions regarding the essence and content of the “value orientations” concept, and as a result revealed dual nature of the development process of personal value orientations. The main tendencies of formation of value orientations of young generation were examined, and the basic factors that have impact on their formation were systematized. In the midst of pandemic, the volunteering movement in universities takes on special importance. A legal definition of volunteering was analyzed, making it possible to identify the key attribute of this movement, which is its voluntary nature. The foreign experience of volunteering was explored. It was established, that in the face of the pandemic, the quantity of volunteers in Russia has grown. The reasons behind this were identified, and the relationship between a willingness to help and an emergency was established: in the situation of pandemic people have become more united, conscientious and ready to extend a helping hand to each other.

Zamiralova T.A. 3 , А.G.2 , Karpunina A.V.2 , Salkhenova A.A. 1 , Knyazeva O.O.4 , Zanina K.D.2
Rushing Water Publishers Ltd.
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1 S23
  • 1 Omsk State Technical University
  • 2 Russian State Social University
  • 3 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  • 4 Moscow University of Industry and Finance
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value orientations; student community; social engagement; volunteer movement in universities; youth policy; COVID-19 pandemic
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