Key problems and contradictions in the activity of youth public organizations in Russia

The article discusses the main problems that arise in the activities of youth public associations, organizations, and movements in modern Russia. It is shown that youth public associations, as a form of manifestation of the social activity of the young generation, are developing today at a qualitatively different level. Youth public associations experience difficulties and problems in their development, reducing their social activity and effectiveness, making it necessary to study the leading causes of these problems. The necessity of increased attention to the issues of youth in the modern world is substantiated. The study was supported by the historical and comparative method in combination with the sociological, logical and chronological analysis of the sources published at the end of the XX – beginning of the XXI century; dialectical cognition method that allowed to conduct a comprehensive, holistically systemic and concrete historical analysis; source study method that was used for the analysis of factual materials in their consistent development. As a result of the study, the issues that exist in working with modern Russian youth and in the activities of youth associations were articulated. Also, the recommendations aimed at overcoming them and increasing the effectiveness of this work were offered. The research materials, provisions, and conclusions made, systematize and deepen the perception of the problems that youth movements and organizations in Russia face as well as the practice of working with young people and social policy regarding youth, and also outline the ways to solve them. Research outcomes are original in identifying the ways to overcome difficulties that impede modern Russian youth movement from becoming a sufficient social and political force..

Medvedeva G.P.1 , Demidova T.E.1 , Starovojtova L.I.1 , Akhtyan A.G.1 , Tyapkina T.Yu.1 , Karandeeva L.G. 2
Rushing Water Publishers Ltd.
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1 S23
  • 1 Russian State Social University
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
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youth; activity; public organizations; social movements; problems of youth movements; policy
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