Case-Method in the Formation of Communicative Ethnopedagogical Competence of a Foreign Language Teacher: based on the Material of Russia, Greece, and Kazakhstan

The article reflects the results of a study on the formation of communicative competence among future teachers in different countries: Russia, Greece, and Kazakhstan on the material of Russian, English, and Kazakh languages. The professional training of a future foreign language teacher for migrants of different generations and persons focused on migration and professional growth outside national borders is aimed at mastering the whole range of professional competencies of the ethno-pedagogical, historical-cultural, and psycholinguistic plan. The authors consider the case method as a real effective didactic technique that forms ethno-linguistic and cultural communicative competence, which is inextricably linked with ethnic norms of pronunciation of sounds, understanding of texts in foreign languages and background knowledge. The technology consists in the use of methods of complex analysis, discussion, or decision-making on a certain section of disciplines using previously acquired knowledge. The authors believe that the case method in the era of the pandemic is becoming a key methodological technique that forms a complex ethno-pedagogical competence. The case technology combines the simultaneous reflection of a practical problem with the actualization of the complex of acquired knowledge in a combination of educational and analytical activities. The practical significance reflects the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, since the case method develops independent thinking in future teachers of foreign languages, forms the ability to deeply understand the topic, helps to combine theoretical knowledge with the realities of life. © 2021 by Cherkas Global University. All Rights Reserved.

Temirgalinova A.1 , Karabulatova I.S. 2, 3 , Amiridou S.4 , Erina I.A.5
Academic Publishing House Researcher
Номер выпуска
  • 1 Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN-university), Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 3 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 4 Democritus Thracian University, Komotini, Greece
  • 5 Sevastopol' State University, Crimea, Sevastopol', Russian Federation
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case method; communicative competence; communicative competence; foreign language; Kazakhstan; repatriate; Russia; sociocultural distance; young teacher
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