Ningde Times Company to Enter the International Market Form

Through the analysis of the operation and management of Ningde era company, fully recognize the Ningde era as a new energy automobile company in the field of overseas health fast development is the inevitable choice of the internationalization of their business, especially Ningde era is the cornerstone of company's development strategy in the process, should according to the actual development situation, out of the suitable for their own development path, We also need to learn from the experience of overseas power battery giants such as Samsung, LG Chem and Panasonic. In other words, we should not copy the model of overseas power battery giants, nor stick to the old rules. We should stick to the overseas development path suitable for Ningde Times Company. This is both a strategic choice and the only way to go in the process of global integration and One Belt And One Road. Adhere to the internal and external linkage of the company, rely on a strong customer group and strong research and development strength and management and innovation ability, further increase the localization of overseas market operation, the company culture to penetrate into the development of overseas market, steadily promote the international strategic development of overseas market. On the basis of the existing business model, it will increase the penetration of the overseas market of the new energy vehicle industry chain and gradually establish its own overseas market activity network. © 2021 ACM.

Li J. 1 , Damir Kudryakov F.
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Association for Computing Machinery
  • 1 School of Economics, Peoples'Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation
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Internationalization; Overseas Markets; Power Batteries; Strategic Development
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