Educational spaceand management asan object and mechanismfor modernizing of themodern state

Russian education nowadays is structurally and functionally dependent on the socio-cultural and political environment. State policy and the management process in the field of education are closely connected with modern Russian modernization processes that have revealed crisis phenomena in Russian society, affected virtually all spheres of public life, and have had a serious impact on the functioning of the main socio-political institutions. Stabilization and the emergence of a new level of socio-economic and political development of modern Russia are possible provided that a new personality type is formed, capable of improving the system of institutions designed to minimize the destabilizing challenges and threats to the modern Russian state. New socio-economic conditions caused by globalization and the global economic crisis have created many problems; their solution is related to the development of fundamentally different theoretical and methodological approaches to education management in the context of contemporary realities of Russian statehood. To some extent, this is an attempt to justify the transition of Russian educational system to the principles of the Bologna Declaration. The problem of the development of education in modern Russia lies in the formation of such an idea about it that would be the determining factor and means for increasing the qualitative state of human capital, which in turn would contribute to the development of the state and increase its competitiveness in the international arena. Today we can state that the state of the education system is one of the most important factors in the formation of the political, economic and social life of modern society, it is inextricably linked with the growth of the role of human capital. The formation of a new educational space as a necessary condition for the successful modernization of modern Russia is an objective need of the state for quality higher and secondary education, which, in turn, requires a transformation of state educational policies and management mechanisms. The study of the world experience in the sphere of optimization of management mechanisms in educational policy, the identification of vectors and conditions for the transformation of this sphere, actualizes the claimed topic of the proposed study. The state of anomie that has struck Russian society in recent decades, the search for a new national idea, pose to the scholarly community the task of studying technologies and methods of forming citizenship in the process of involving the younger generation not only in the educational sphere as a whole, but also in the cluster education system itself. Consideration of the role and place of education in the system of management of educational processes determines the problems of this article as important and in demand at the present stage.

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  • 1 Department of Foreign Languages of Philological Faculty of Peoples Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), Russian Federation
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Education; Management; Modernization; Russia; State educational policy
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