The integrated model of quality management system of laboratory studies of medicines (Review)

Introduction. The publication is devoted to the role of laboratory research in ensuring the quality of domestic medicines and is a review and analysis of regulatory documents and current publications on this topic. Text. A number of different types of laboratories are involved in Drug life cycle and ensuring their effectiveness and safety. Today there are a large number of regulations governing laboratory research. Common to all types of laboratories and regulatory documents is the need to organize an effective quality management system (QMS) for the drug life cycle laboratories. The aim of this review is to analyze approaches to regulating the quality of laboratory research of domestic drugs and to consider the most effective QMS model, which is fundamental for all types of laboratories in the life cycle of drugs. Conclusion. The laboratory research quality system serves as a basic tool for achieving the ultimate goal-the clinical value of drugs and is designed to ensure that risks for patients are minimized. At the same time, each stage of the drug life cycle provides a solution to a specific problem on the way to this goal, which must be taken into account when building a QMS in each type of laboratory. The range of regulatory documents and external assessment systems (accreditation, certification, inspection control, etc.) in the field of domestic laboratory research is quite diverse. In this regard, it is advisable for the laboratory to build a harmonious QMS based on priorities in accordance with the goals and objectives. The most effective method for building such a system is an integrated management system model. © Selezneva A. I., Smirnov V. A., Goryachkin V. V., Chadova N. N., Polyakov S. V., Shestakov V. N., Abramovich R. A., 2021.

Selezneva A.I.1 , Smirnov V.A. 1 , Goryachkin V.V.1 , Chadova N.N. 1 , Polyakov S.V.1 , Shestakov V.N.1 , Abramovich R.A. 2
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  • 1 State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices, 6, Lavrov lane, Moscow, 109044, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), 6, Mikluho-Maklaya str., Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation
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Drug quality; Good pharmaceutical practices; Laboratory research; Quality system
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