National concepts of space industry development of various eaeu countries: Case of the russian federation and the republic of kazakhstan

Cooperation in the scientific field and, in particular, in the sphere of space exploration is one of the priority areas of cooperation within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). This article is devoted to a detailed review and comparative analysis of the national concepts of space industry development of two key countries of the EAEU-the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Through the comparative analysis, authors identify key similarities and differences in the approaches of the two states to legal regulating of space exploration. Besides, the study identifies the potential of the two aforementioned states in the field of international cooperation in space exploration. Authors argue that the future of the organizational activities in the sphere of space exploration depends on the ability of these two countries to harmonize their approaches and to elaborate a joint policy regarding this issue. Authors come to a conclusion, that in general, the conceptual framework in the field of space activities is being developed by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan progressively and systematically, taking into consideration all external and internal factors that affect the technical process of implementing the planned projects. The only thing that the space sector of the economies of both countries lacks is the clear public-private partnership structure. Attracting private business to the field of space activities must become one of the priorities of the state policy in this area. As one can see from the experience of foreign countries, an increase in the number of non-state players in the space sector causes increased competition, which, in turn, is a prerequisite for the rapid and high-quality development of the rocket and space technology and high technologies that are the engine of the modern world’s economy. © 2021, Univelt Inc. All rights reserved.

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International cooperation; Interplanetary flight; Rockets; Space applications; Space platforms; Space research; Comparative analysis; Conceptual frameworks; Organizational activities; Public private partnerships; Russian federation; Space explorations; Space technologies; Technical process; Aerospace industry
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