The Features of Speech Dysfunction in Children: A Neuropsycholinguistic Approach

The authors substantiate the necessity of applying a neuropsychological approach to the study of the verbal activity of children with different speech dysfunctions. The urgency of the indicated problem is determined, on the one hand, by the extreme complexity of diagnostic activities in early childhood and, on the other hand, by the value orientations of the state that guarantee persons with disabilities the possibility of social adaptation, active participation in society and the fullest realization of their individuality. Children of preschool age, born with PPCNS, have a high incidence of neurologic syndromes, deviations from the CCC, allergic diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of ENT-organs, GIT and urination, are characterized by frequent incidence of ARVI. Speech dysfunctions were most prevalent in the last decade according to our results of screening studies. The authors determine the principles and conditions for conducting diagnostic study and correction of speech disorders in children of this category, which ensures maximum results in speech correction in children with mental development features. The modern rhythm of life aggravates the entropic processes, as a result of which we observe an increase in the number of children with a systemic underdevelopment of linguistic means. Comparative results of the study of the perception of sounds in normal and disturbed hearing are associated with the patterns of development of phonemic hearing and the formation of the pronunciation side of speech in the norm and pathology. The problems of the pathogenesis of speech dysfunctions are controversial, since they have a wide range of pathogenic influences. The materials of the article are of practical value for specialists studying speech processes.

Polivara Z.V.1, 2 , Karabulatova I.S. 3, 4, 5
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Номер выпуска
  • 1 Tyumen State Univ, Philol, Tyumen, Russia
  • 2 Tyumen State Univ, Tyumen, Russia
  • 3 Russian Acad Nat Sci, Philol, Moscow, Russia
  • 4 Russian Acad Nat Sci, Moscow, Russia
  • 5 RUDN Univ, Peoples Friendship Univ Russia, Philol Fac, Dept Foreign Languages, Moscow, Russia
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pathogenesis; speech dysfunctions; intrauterine growth retardation; cognitive impairment; residual encephalopathy; neuropsycholinguistic approach
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