Economic evaluation of expanded clay basalt fiber concrete in Nigeria structural construction

The ever-unending search for improved structural materials has led to the use of dispersed chopped basalt fiber (BF) in concrete for reinforcement as a preferrable and durable method for strengthening and repairing concrete structures thanks to the excellent properties of BF like ability to resist chemical, its strength properties, its lightweight and easy in application. Concrete strengthening is of real and valued interest for the following reasons: implementation and reduced labor cost. BF has proven its strength enhancement ability, crack resistance or reduction, its ductile nature, as well as the ability to resist environmental risks like fire outbreak, earthquakes effects on concrete structure. This research paper aims to analyze the economic effects of lightweight expanded clay concrete (LECC) with BF for structural constructions in Nigeria. It discourses the availability, cost efficiency, workability, environmental friendliness, and the possibility of having this type of concrete used in Nigeria with promising patronage from builders. To achieve this a review of the researches done on these materials were conducted and investigations were conducted to check on these materials for proper analysis. This research is faced with the problem to understand these materials, usage, availabilities, efficiency, costs and how they can be implemented in Nigeria. The finding from the research identified the availability of the raw materials, locations, cost of mining (machineries and manpower), transportation from the mining or source site to the factory, processing, product and selling price. The environmental risks associated with mining of rocks to acquire granite will be reduced with the introduction of a reliable aggregate like LECA. The properties of expanded clay aggregate show the suitability of this type of material for use in Nigerian houses. ? 2020 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of the scientific committee of the International Conference on Advances in Materials Processing & Manufacturing Applications.

Chiadighikaobi P.C. , Tarka R.O.
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Economic of basalt fiber; Expanded clay; Basalt fiber concrete; Nigeria; Nigeria economy
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