Assessment of the activation ability of lymphocytes associated with local injections of acidic peptodoglycan in patients with acne

Given the acne prevalence and common psychological problems related to the localization of acne on the open parts on the body, it is necessary to search for effective and safe therapeutic agents for managing the disease. Aim. The aim of the study was to evaluate changes in the ability of different subpopulations of lymphocytes to be activated upon combination of standard therapy with local injections of an acidic peptidoglycan. This method is innovative, since this method of treatment was previously used mostly for treating post-acne. Material and methods. Males with papule-pustule forms of acne were the object of the study. The small doses of the medication were injected immediately into the lesion, which enhanced the availability of the injected drug to its targets. Results. An increased ability of different lymphocyte subpopulations to be activated was observed on the background of combination of acidic peptidoglycan local injections with the standard treatment of acne, which accounted for the positive clinical course. Conclusion. The proposed technique of acne therapy is effective and offers a sufficient safety profile as well as a possibility of outpatient use. The described method of acne treatment allows developing a methodology for solving an important problem of dermatology and venereology — optimization and improvement of therapy of the papule-pustule forms of acne. © 2015, Media Sphera Publishing Group. All rights reserved.

Wilson S.1 , Tishchenko A.L. 1 , Gorskiy V.S.1
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  • 1 People’s Frendship University of Russia, Moscow, 119198, Russian Federation
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Acidic peptidoglycan; Acne; Injection technique; Lymphocytes
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