Challenges of the Judicial Systems of the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China in the Era of the Pandemic

The current situation has demonstrated the weak and strong sides of the spheres of life of society in the world. One of the weakest in the Russian Federation was the activity of the judiciary. The procedural legislation of the Russian Federation is based on the main basic principles, such as: legality, directness and oral proceedings, transparency, equality of the parties and others, the implementation of online dispute resolution to practice. Despite the adoption of various targeted programs to reform and modernize the judicial system of the Russian Federation, it is impossible to speak about their success, since the situation with the pandemic demonstrated the shortcomings of legal regulation, technical equipment and the unwillingness of most of the population to switch to a new digital format of life. Currently, the activity of the courts is aimed at stabilizing the entire judicial system by switching to an electronic form of interaction between all participants in court proceedings. The judicial community has realized the need to adapt new modern information and telecommunications technologies. China is a successful foreign experience of switching to an electronic judicial platform, which since 2017 has already created three Internet courts, and during the pandemic, so far we can talk about creating a new judicial system under the name of the Internet judicial system of the People's Republic of China. © 2021, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

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  • 1 Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 3 Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Vladivostok, Russian Federation
  • 4 Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russian Federation
  • 5 Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Moscow, Russian Federation
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