Psychological Features of Modern Youth Leader

Purpose: To formulate psychological features of a modern Russian youth leader based on the analysis of the theoretical material and the research on the psychology of the elites. Moreover, this article features up-to-date technological mechanisms of the Internet, which may assist the activities of a youth leader. Methodology: Authors of this article believe that current political landscape in Russia demands modern approaches and new solutions. Russian society wants a reboot of the overstaying political elites. The modern young leader has to differ significantly from their predecessor. These differences are studied in this article. In addition, today’s generation has a vital advantage to the ruling elites. That is the use of the computer technologies to spread the information of their social and political doings. The Internet has a drastic impact on the political conjuncture, it leads to a meaningful rejuvenation of the elite. Findings: In this research authors have formulated main areas of use for the computer technologies. The areas in which the members of a new young political elite can reach outstanding results. In addition, the structure of the psychological model of young leader was described. Conclusion: Based on the analysis, the authors have reached a conclusion that socio-political activity of the Russian people has grown significantly and it demands an adequate and timely response from those in power. The majority of the establishment has lost the trust of its electorate, meaning that the time has come for the new young and psychologically sound leadership that can affect the political reality in Russia. © 2021, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

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Elites; Leadership; Personality psychology; Politics; Psychology; Society
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