China’s Foreign Direct Investment in the USA: Largest Investor Companies

US-China relations have a long history of development. The both powers have been characterized by investment in each other’s economies since the early 1990s, but it would be wrong to talk about the homogeneity of mutual investments throughout relations. The United States has long been a key investor in the positive Chinese economy. However, over time, the situation has reversed, with China positioning itself as a direct foreign investor. The purpose of this article is to study the current state of investment processes in relations between China and the United States. Despite the increased investment activity of China, the US-Chinese economic relations are affected by external factors, which, among other things, may affect the cooling of investment interest. To carry out this study, general scientific and private scientific methods were used. So, to understand the nature of investment processes in the economies of China and the United States, logical and historical methods were used, the method of analysis and synthesis was used to study foreign direct investment. The article analyzes the current state of affairs in relation to China’s foreign direct investment in the United States. The main aspects influencing the dynamics of FDI are studied, the largest companies investors in China are presented, the geography and investment sectors, the issues of regulation and the current state of investment processes are considered. The author puts forward a hypothesis about a decrease in China’s high investment activity in the short-term forecast under the influence of geopolitical and economic factors. The conclusion is drawn about the prospects for the development of mutual investment. © 2021, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

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  • 1 People’s Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
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China; Foreign direct investment; Trade relations; USA
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