Assessing the boron nutritional status by analyzing its cummulative frequency distribution in the hair and whole blood

Boron is a non-essential ubiquitous trace element in the human body. The aim of this study was to assess boron nutritional status by analyzing boron frequency distribution in the long-term biological indicator tissue of hair and the short-term biological indicator of whole blood. Hair samples were analyzed in 727 apparently healthy subjects (263 ♂ and 464 ♀) and the whole blood boron was analyzed in the random subsample of them (80 ♂ and 152 ♀). Samples were analyzed by the ICP-MS at the Center for Biotic Medicine, Moscow, Russia. The adequate reference range for hair boron concentration was (μg ∙ g−1) 0.771- 6.510 for men and distinctly lower 0.472–3.89 for women; there was no detectable difference in the whole blood boron for the adequate reference range between men (0.020–.078) and women (0019–0.062). Boron may play an essential role in the metabolism of the connective tissue of the biological bone matrix. © 2017

Prejac J.1, 2 , Skalny A.A. 3, 4 , Grabeklis A.R. 5, 6, 7, 8 , Uzun S.9, 10 , Mimica N.10, 11 , Momčilović B.12
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Adequate reference ranges; Boron; Gender; Hair; Nutritional status; Whole blood
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