The effect of a mesenchymal stem cell conditioned medium fraction on morphological characteristics of hepatocytes in acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure: a preliminary study

Background: In our studies, it was shown that the effectiveness of the conditioned medium obtained by cultivating mesenchymal stem cells depends on the microenvironment conditions used to cultivate the cells. It was demonstrated that the conditioned medium obtained by culturing cells with low oxygen content (10%) has a much more pronounced protective effect. Methods: Protein compositions obtained from MSCs cultured under hypoxic (10% O-2 hcMSC) and normal (21% O-2 nc-MSC) conditions were used to treat acute liver failure (ALF) induced in mice by acetaminophen injection. Thus, we obtained fractions normalized by volume, which predominantly contained proteins with masses >50, 50-30, 30-10, and 10-3 kDa. Results: The data from biochemical studies have shown that only fractions from 10 to 30 kDa (hcMSC and ncMSC) significantly reduced the level of liver enzymes in the beginning of the acute period after acetaminophen administration. Mass spectrometry analysis of the proteins contained in the isolated fractions showed a sharp increase in the protein levels in the 10-30 kDa hcMSC fraction as compared with that in 10-30 kDa ncMSCs. The composition obtained from MSCs cultured at lower O-2 level (fraction 10-30 kDa hcMSC) was shown to be more potent than the composition prepared from normoxic cells. Conclusion: The results have shown that a composition obtained by culturing the cells under a reduced content of O-2 (10%), significantly improves the biochemical parameters, and histological arrester reduces the degree of inflammation and stimulates regenerative processes in liver, compared to both the control group and group treated with the composition that was obtained by culturing the cells under normal oxygen content.

Temnov A.1, 2 , Rogov K. 3, 4 , Zhalimov V.1 , Igor P.2 , Pekov S.2 , Bader A.5 , Sklifas A.1 , Giri S.5, 6
  • 1 Russian Acad Sci, Inst Cell Biophys, Dept Biol, Pushchino, Russia
  • 2 Moscow Inst Phys & Technol, Dept Biotechnol, Dolgoprudnyi, Russia
  • 3 Res Inst Human Morphol, Dept Clin Morphol, Moscow, Russia
  • 4 Peoples Friendship Univ Russia, Dept Pathomorphol, Moscow, Russia
  • 5 Univ Leipzig, Biomed & Biotechnol Ctr, Appl Stem Cell Biol & Cell Technol, Leipzig, Germany
  • 6 Tech Univ Munich, Univ Hosp Rechts Isar, Dept Plast & Hand Surg, Munich, Germany
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acute hepatic failure; stem cells; condition media; galectin-1; mass spectrometry
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