Theoretical studies of the damage process of easily damaged products in transport vehicle body during the on-farm transportation

The purpose of the study is damage reduction of easily damaged products in transport vehicle body in various ways of its placement (embankment, in containers) during the on-farm transportation through the development of new scientifically grounded technical solutions. The methods of the study are performing theoretical studies on the basis of regulations, laws and methods of theoretical mechanics and mathematical analysis with computers using, including using the program MathCAD 14.0 and package application software LabView. The article presents the results of realized theoretical studies about the analysis of damage process of easily damageable agricultural products in transport vehicle body during the on-farm transportation, which prove that the maximum speed of the vehicle on the field and in gardens with slopes of up to 9° (with gradients up to 9), in which product damage in the containers (during transport of apples no more than 5%) and in the vehicle body during on-farm potatoes embankment transportation (no more than 4%) do not exceed agronomic requirements is for a vehicle with body stabilization devices 23.9 kilometers per hour and 24.6 kilometers per hour respectively, that is 1.2-1.22 times greater than the base variant trailer - 19.9 kilometers per hour and 20.1 kilometers per hour. The containers that proposed according to the results of the research contribute to the reduction of product's damage during its transportation by increasing contact area of the fruit and container and by reducing the space for the free movement of products. © 2006-2018 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).

Byshov N.V.2 , Borychev S.N.2 , Kashirin D.E.2 , Kokorev G.D. 2 , Kostenko M.Y.2 , Rembalovich G.K.2 , Simdyankin A.A.2 , Uspensky I.A. 2 , Ryadnov A.I.3 , Kosul'nikov R.A.3 , Shemyakin A.V. 2 , Yukhin I.A.2 , Danilov I.K. 2, 1
Asian Research Publishing Network
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  • 1 Российский университет дружбы народов
  • 2 Рязанский государственный агротехнологический университет им. П.А. Костычева
  • 3 Волгоградский государственный аграрный университет
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