The Semantic-Cognitive Comparative Analysis of "Worldviews" in the Process of Professional Texts' Translation

Every language has its own worldview, which carries its own idea of reality. In this regard, the translators while translating the texts often have difficulties in the transmission of the cultural specificity of the language of the specialty because they can't correlate the social and cultural "images" of the native culture with "images" of the culture of the target language. The interpreter needs to be able to identify and distinguish the different cultural objects that he has to translate. To ensure mental operations of this kind, concepts are created in the language. An experienced translator should be able to conceptualize any concept that causes difficulties for him. The article provides a semantic and cognitive analysis of the linguistic and cultural concept "Ordnung", which is of cultural importance for the German geological discourse. The strategy of semantic-cognitive analysis is carried out in several stages: 1)constructing the nominative field of the concept; 2) analysis and description of the semantics of language means included in the nominative field of the concept "Ordnung" in German geological discourse; 3) cognitive interpretation of the results of describing the semantics of language means identifying cognitive features that form the concept "Ordnung" as a mental unit; 4) description of the concept "Ordnung" content in German geological discourse as a list of cognitive features. This analysis allows us to identify the national specificity of the concept representation, which is manifested in different ways of its verbalization.

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  • 1 RUDN Univ, Peoples Friendship Univ Russia, Russian Language Dept, Moscow, Russia
  • 2 RUDN Univ, Peoples Friendship Univ Russia, Russian Language Dept, Med Inst, Moscow, Russia
  • 3 RUDN Univ, Peoples Friendship Univ Russia, Russian Language Dept, Foreign Language Dept, Moscow, Russia
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concept "Ordnung"; German geological discourse; semantic and cognitive analysis; worldviews
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