The increasing role of young people in the development of society is actualized through their participation in the country's economy, the development of innovative potential, which makes special demands for their professional career buildup. The purpose of this study is to investigate the students' and graduates' employment strategies, their expectations from professional activities and the perception of their own real status in the advancement of the career landscape. Such a study, according to the authors, will allow to set up programs for future graduates' adaptation to career expectations. The need for young people's targeted training for entering into labor relations, as well as for fostering young specialists' professional in-demand competencies led us to the goal of the study: to analyze the potential of the Job Center in promoting the students' and graduates' career development. The authors of the project initiated the creation of a Job Center to accelerate the students' and graduates' career development. The experimental research group was made up of 149 graduate students participating in the events held by the Center.. Another 151 students, embraced by our study, did not participate in the activities of the Center and formed a control group. In parallel, within the framework of the research, (1) analyses of information, websites of universities and practices of accompanying employment of students and graduates of three Moscow universities were implemented; (2) an online questionnaire was conducted for 300 senior students and bachelor graduates relating to their expectations of professional activities and adaptation in the labor market; (3) a survey of 32 experts from employing companies on the feasibility of involving graduates of universities and undergraduate students in the activities of companies; (4) a survey of 300 young professionals having worked for no more than two years after graduation from the university. The study was conducted during four years. The results of the study showed that the students of the experimental group were more adapted to the labor market realities, experienced less psychological discomfort when starting their careers, and made more real demands on salary than the participants of the control group. The analysis of the events of various formats conducted by the Center showed an insufficient demand on the students' part. Among the main goals of attracting young people to the activities of companies, the majority of respondents noted the possibility of targeted training of young employees for a particular company, building up a personnel reserve, and closing the starting positions in the company. Involvement of young people in labor relations requires their active participation in the technology implementation for the development of the young people's career at the University Job Center that functions as a structure unifying all participants in the labor market: employers and universities; recruitment agencies; consulting, coaching and training companies; legal companies providing services in the field of labor law; NGOs, public organizations and associations; agency for international labor exchange. Thus, such centers may thrive as an effective tool for developing the career of young people.

Balykhin M.1 , Tikhonova E. 1, 2 , Fomina S.1, 3 , Raitskaya L. 4
IATED Academy
  • 1 Moscow State Univ Food Prod, Moscow, Russia
  • 2 RUDN Univ, Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Russian State Social Univ, Moscow, Russia
  • 4 MGIMO Univ, Moscow, Russia
Ключевые слова
career development; professional activities; employment center; labor relations; career landscape
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