Digital technologies in teaching and learning foreign languages: Pedagogical strategies and teachers’ professional competence

Research problem: Today’s education system must adapt to the digital revolution and use it to best advantage. One of the most critical paths to pursue is to develop digital skills among student teachers. Many Russian researchers have focused on practices of digital technology integration in foreign language teaching, but, few among them have formulated systematic teaching strategies. The aim of the study: To elaborate the pedagogical strategies for developing digital competence among students on the basis of the complex approach and scientific achievements in this field. Research methods: The research is based on the statistics obtained during an online survey among university and school teachers, students. While conducting the interviews additional information appeared and teachers’ opinions were specified. The participants included 100 university foreign language teachers as well as 120 students from Central Russia. Results: The analysis revealed how the professors organized their digital learning spaces. Among others, the findings highlighted on which aspects they spent more Internet time, and the factors that limited digital use in class. The analysis of the students’ responses revealed some problems in using digital tools while learning a foreign language. The results can be used in developing students’ competences and in elaborating syllabus and teaching materials. Conclusions and recommendations. On the basis of recent achievements and collected data, the complex of pedagogical strategies to form digital competence among students during the foreign language learning have been elaborated. With the appropriate pedagogical accompaniment, digital technologies allow the development of student teachers’ digital competence to meet the demands of the modern society. Thus, it can increase the efficiency of foreign language teaching and will contribute to students’ personal development. © 2020, Kazan Federal University. All rights reserved.

Karsenti T.1 , Kozarenko O.M. 2 , Skakunova V.A.3
Казанский (Приволжский) федеральный университет
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  • 1 University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada
  • 2 Russian Peoples Friendship University, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 3 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Digital competences; Foreign language teaching; Information technologies; Pedagogical accompaniment
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