This familiar diagnosis of “rhinitis”

The article highlights that rhinitis is the most common disease, it is divided into 3 main phenotypes: infectious (IR), allergic (AR) and non-infectious non-allergic (NAR). There are also combined forms. IR is a viral disease. Its clinical picture is described, the frequent failure of patients to consult a doctor for this disease is noted, which contributes to the development of complications and its chronization. The authors described the characteristic features of the AR clinic with “oral Allergy syndrome“. It is noted that NAR is a heterogeneous disease, which is divided into at least 6 subphenotypes: drug, taste, hormonal, atrophic, idiopathic and rhinitis of older people. The authors analyze the reasons for their occurrence. There is also a professional form of rhinitis. All these phenotypes are United by the symptom of difficult nasal breathing, which also occurs in chronic rhinosinusitis and “empty nose“ syndrome. Other causes of nasal breathing disorders are also mentioned. In the treatment of patients with almost any of the rhinitis phenotypes, the main ones are irrigation-elimination therapy and the appointment of topical decongestants (TD). An important role is played by avoiding the causes that activate the course of rhinitis, and educating the population to properly organize the individual treatment process. Topical vasoconstrictor drugs are the leading topical remedies that eliminate nasal breathing difficulties. They are sold in our country in the usual access and if used incorrectly can cause the development of medical rhinitis and many serious consequences. The methods of correct administration of the drug in the form of drops and spray, as well as its age-related dosages, are disclosed. © 2020, Remedium Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Tarasova G.D. 1 , Kirichenko I.M. 2 , Mirzabekyan E.V.3
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Allergic rhinitis; Atrophic rhinitis; Drug-induced rhinitis; Empty nose syndrome; Hormonal rhinitis; Idiopathic rhi-nitis; Infectious rhinitis; Irrigation and elimination therapy; Nasal breathing difficulties; Oxymetazoline; Professional rhinitis; Rhinitis; Topical decon-gestants
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