On one approach to assessing the efficiency of inspection and control activities

The problem is reviewed concerning the efficiency of inspection control activities assessment. The importance of using a risk-orient-ed approach for the transition to proactive methods of ensuring the production safety of hazardous production facilities is noted. It is concluded that it is necessary to develop the basic model in terms of using the value of prevented damage as one of the efficiency indica-tors. The analysis is made concerning the scientific publications from the point of view of the possibility and feasibility of using the Hein-rich-Berd pyramid when justifying activities on ensuring industrial safety. The examples of using this approach in solving various practical tasks is given in the article. A methodological approach is proposed related to the assessment of prevented damage as one of the indicators of the efficiency of inspection control activities using the methodology of building the Heinrich-Berd pyramid. In addi-tion to the existing 4-level classification of events in the field of industrial safety, it is recommended to introduce level 5 related to the identification of inconsistencies identified as the result of inspection and control activities. Identified inconsistencies are prerequisites for the events of level 4 of classification. It is assumed that the elimina-tion of the identified inconsistencies (level 5) can potentially lead to the prevention of events at levels 1–4. The formula is proposed for calculating the prevented damage (direct and indirect) considering the ratio between the events of different levels and the level of eli-mination of the identified inconsistencies. Estimated calculations of the total prevented damage to the hazardous production facilities in the gas industry were performed. The calculations showed the adequacy and practical significance of the proposed approach. This approach, of course, requires testing and confirmation of the assumptions made, but in general shows that the value of the prevented damage can be estimated and used as one of the indicators of the efficiency of the inspection and control activities. © 2020, STC Industrial Safety CJSC. All rights reserved.

Lukyanchikov M.I.1 , Lesnykh V.V. 1, 2
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  • 1 OOO Gazprom gaznadzor, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 RUDN University, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Efficiency assessment; Hazardous production facility; Inspection and control activity; Prevented damage; Proactive approach; Risk-oriented approach; Safety pyramid
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