Using creative thinking techniques for organizing business processes of IMS at the university.

In this paper we describe Innovative management systems (IMS) that can provide beneficial opportunities for creating favorable innovative business environment at the university and affect its shaping and transformation. The collaboration and active interaction of the university and business enterprises lay the ground for appropriate responses to trends in the modern market. They serve as premises for dealing with the changing market quickly and precisely through business cases in project teams and, finally, offering completely new effective innovations. Such partnerships ensure the new approach to the task-setting process in personnel development as well as driving active interaction with researchers, students, and even schoolchildren by involving them into aspirational scientific, research, educational and practical activities. This method ensures the university's rapid entry into the international space in the field of science and education, business, boosts its competitiveness and opens up new opportunities for participation in various joint innovative projects, while constantly expanding the range of cooperation and implementing creative approaches to solving various problems. To ensure fruitful cooperation, it is necessary to create and constantly supplement the methodology for developing and introducing breakthrough technologies, preparing highly qualified and self-organized personnel for science and business who would be able to respond to the emergence of completely new ways of integrating into the curriculum competencies primarily focused on business education and their rapid changes. This requires creative thinking and flexibility of all participants of the innovation process both at the university and a company. In the academic hierarchy, these participants can be represented by the IMS. The article focuses on brainstorming as a popular group creativity technique widely recognized in both social sciences and business as well as other creative thinking techniques. The methodologies are descried shortly, which is backed up by the practical guidelines on now they can be applied in relation to IMS activities in order to implement business innovations into educational environment and create the interface of science and business. © 2020 ACM.

Litvinova A.G. 1 , Golubovskaya E.A. 1 , Beresnev D.N.2
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Association for Computing Machinery
  • 1 RUDN University, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation
  • 2 Kosygin State University of Russia, Russian Federation
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Business education; Creative thinking techniques; Education transformation; Innovations; Intellectual management system
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