The relationship of seismicity with tectonic processes according to the analysis of large earthquakes that occurred on the territory of Iran in the XX and XXI centuries [Связь сейсмичности с тектоническими процессами по результатам анализа крупных землетрясений, произошедших на территории Ирана в XX и XXI веках]

The study of the relationship of seismicity with tectonic processes includes an analysis of the phenomena that precede or accompany earthquakes. At present, the direction “earthquake geology” is actively developing. The scientific and applied aspect of this direction is the study of tectonic movements that may occur in the future during such a period of time for which they are important for society. A significant amount of information on tectonic movements is provided by the focal mechanisms of seismic events that have already occurred, as well as the interpretation of the forms of the earth's surface. In his work, the author used seismic catalogs: NEIC (The National Earthquake Information Center) of the United States Geological Survey (The United States Geological Survey) and IRIS. Seismic events with M> 6 are involved in the analysis.A model of tectonic processes based on a detailed analysis of focal mechanisms of foci is proposed. © Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2020.

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European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, EAGE
  • 1 Peoples Friendship University of Russia RUDN, Russian Federation
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