A complex solution for therapy of uterine cervical pathology associated with human papillomavirus infection

The objective: To optimize a tactics of examination and treatment of patients with a benign cervical pathology associated with papillomavirus infection (PVI) in female patients of reproductive age. Patients and methods: 124 patients aged 22 to 35 years underwent complex examination and treatment. Two groups were singled out: the first (main) group included 72 patients, who in the postoperative period received treatment with an antiviral immunostimulating drug isoprinosine, the second group comprised 52 patients, who did not receive the antiviral medication (control group). Inosine pranobex (isoprinosine) was administered 3 g/day (2 tablets 3 times daily) for 28 days. A carbon dioxide (CO2) laser and argon plasma were used to destroy the affected uterine cervical epithelium. Results: The Pap test found various pathological changes in 112 (90.3%) patients. ASCUS smear results had similar incidence rates in the groups 16 and 18% (p > 0.05). The incidence of LSIL in the groups was 31.9 and 32.6%, respectively (p > 0.05). In the basic group, 60 days afterwards complete elimination of virus was noted in 95.8% of cases; in the control group in 78.8%. The frequency of HPV infection recurrence among patients with complete virus elimination was 2.9% in the basic group, in the control group - 14.6%. Conclusion: The employment of the surgical stage permits to destroy pathological tissue, deactivate virus at the local level and prepare conditions for deactivation of virus in the body. Postoperative antiviral and immunostimulating therapy not only ensures practically complete elimination of virus but also reduces recurrences of PVI. © 2018 Dynasty Publishing House. All rights reserved.

Davydov A.I.1 , Shakhlamova M.N.1 , Ter-Ovakimyan A.E. 2, 3
Dynasty Publishing House
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  • 3 University Clinic No 2, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University), Str. 1, 2, ul. Elanskogo, Moscow, 119435, Russian Federation
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Antiviral and immunostimulating therapy; Inosine pranobex; Papillomavirus infection; Surgical treatment
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