Turkey’s foreign policy in perspective: Some regional and national interests

The formation of external policy of any country aims at serving the state’s interests. For this matter, many countries seek their way through this by taking into account the potential prospects available to them. The fundamental subtleties and factors that influence a state’s choices of external policy include geographical location, history, security, culture, trade, political ideology, military might, et cetera. Countries often make external contacts based on some regulations and response to unfolding events. Thus, external policy to an extent pertains to the guiding principles outlined to be pursued through state values, decisions and actions taken by the states themselves and their attempt to develop, manage and control the external relations of national societies. In this regard, the Caucasian region has been an important factor in Turkey’s foreign policy. Since these states emerged in the early 1990s, energy has taken a center stage within the region, while Turkey remains a transit route to the world. Worth noting, policies toward countries of the sub-region are all together crucial for Turkey itself. Thus, the sub-regional dimension of the Caucasian and Asian states policy focuses on promoting good-neighborliness, with which Turkey has historical and cultural ties. This aims to promote cooperation with these countries in order to achieve better political understanding and peaceful coexistence. Turkey’s similar interests, culture and identity with those of its neighbours lead to increased cooperation. The article argues that, it is in Turkey’s interest to protect and maintain good relations within the region, since such involvements allow it to implement its regional agenda.

Статья посвящена анализу внешней политики Турции в контексте ее региональных и национальных интересов. Автор отмечает, что эти отношения в значительной мере определяются сотрудничеством в энергетике. В статье делается вывод о том, что Турция заинтересована в защите и поддержании хороших отношений в регионе, поскольку это позволяет ей осуществлять свою региональную повестку.

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турция; регионализм; добрососедство; внешняя политика; кавказ; turkey; regionalism; good-neighborliness; foreign policy; caucasus
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